London-Berlin Snaps

Random collection that I’ve had on my PC and done nothing with.  

Tignes 2014

A few photos taken out of boredom when we had white out days during our recent trip to Tignes, France.

Highrise London

Shots taken on the back from a CGI shoot on a great day in central London.

Carn Galver Tin Mine

A few car shots and a cool tine mine ruin down in Cornwall.

Luxury Interior CGI

Visualisation of a luxury London Interior on a autumn evening.  

Thames Sunset

A few blurry photos taken from the Thames clippers on the way back home. Lovely sunset and light, shame it was a bit to wobbly to get a clean handheld shot.  

London Wetlands

A few of my best snaps from my visit to the London wetlands centre.

Cotswold’s – Lower Mill Estate

Holiday snaps from our long weekend away in the Cotswold’s. We stayed at a place called Lower Mill Estate – Luxury second homes Some nice fish eye shots taken by Jack, so I… Continue reading

Ferrari 458 Italia

These are my latest renders to beef up the car images I have in my portfolio. I used a stock model of the 458 so it’s not all my own work, I was… Continue reading

Range Rover Advert

Latest bit of mucking around with my camera, Went out and shot my first HDRI 360 to use as the main source of lighting in a 3D car scene. Also shot a couple… Continue reading